New version

Hello! We've posted version 4.3.9 of Mr. Tides, to address a problem with our ISP that makes it impossible to update Mr. Tides from within Mr. Tides. The Sparkle updater does not work, nor does the database updater, because our ISP broke the link we had embedded into the app that lead back to our website. You have to manually install this update, and then the update functions will work correctly.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Yosemite (aka 10.10)

Hello! Yosemite is finally available from Apple. While we have been running the betas (and not seeing problems with Mr. Tides), we still have to update to the final version. Some things may have changed :)

We’re planning on a new release of Mr. Tides soon that will restore the ability of Sparkle to update the app. We’re going to have to make some structural changes to the app to get this to work, and older versions may not be updatable but we’re really hoping it will work. More soon!

Updates fail

We have found out the hard way that the Sparkle updater does not work with Mr. Tides. We’ve followed Apple’s rules regarding security on the app and that process (called sandboxing) is making the updater fail to install any of the updates. We can’t fix the problem by removing the sandbox, as the app on your hard drive is still protected. It would make updates in the future work, so we’re considering this as a possible option.

We apologize for the problem but for now, the only way to get updates is to manually install them by downloading the latest version, unzipping the archive, and dragging the file to where-ever the old version is located. We have no other way at this time to get you the update.


We’re starting up a blog for Mr. Tides, to mimic what we do for AyeTides.

Right now we’re looking at why the Sparkle updater has so much trouble with OS X 10.9 and the GateKeeper security system that Apple has designed. There is an update to Sparkle, but it requires 10.7 as the minimum OS. We were going to drop 10.6 support in a future release, but I guess the future is now :) So in Mr. Tides 4.2.0 we will require 10.7, and as the updater isn’t working right, you will most likely have to download the new version manually (by using your web browser). We’ll post details as the update progresses.