Mr. Tides

Mar 2015

4.3.1 is available

We've been busy with v4.3.1 that fixes bugs with v4.3.0, and we're happy with the changes. The stations open faster; we cache the locations of all tide station files, so when you open a station we can find if you've saved the station in the past and restore that station. This search now occurs in a thread and so is much faster. The map now shows grid lines, and the map's station list now actually lets you select a station (always helpful!). We found and fixed a case where some stations would not open, updated the time zone abbreviation code to make it better (it now works on non-US date formats, for one), and we've updated the database to v85. We are now up to over 12,000 stations!

We're planning on integrating Mr. Tides and AyeTides, so that Mr. Tides can save and organize your favorites. These favorites can then be exported to another iPhone or iPad. We're also planning on direct iDevice to iDevice transfers as well, and we're looking into adding Handoff capability so a station on the iPhone will be loaded into Mr. Tides if you so choose.

Look for the website to use Apple Push Notifications too, so any new releases or news can be displayed in Safari. This will take a while, it involves a lot of server-side code that we're still learning.

Ah life is so much fun!